This page includes examples of my solo poetry performances and writing.  Scroll down to read and listen to some of my work.  Please be patient when waiting for these tracks to load, as they may take a few minutes.

If I Were Morse Code, You’d be My .-..  ..  ..-.  .  .-..  ..  -.  .


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She's a Cleaner

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Tongue Twisters

I re-write this poem every year to introduce the poets who are performing on Glastonbury Festival's Poetry&Words stage.  This is the version I performed in 2010 to open the stage.

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Dressing for Gran

For Joan Mockford, who sadly died at the start of 2012

You wouldn’t let me call you Grandma,
"Gran," you said, "or Joan.
Grandma sounds too old."
You were never really old,
flighty and flirtatious to the last.
Like a fragile humming bird
you'd dart around your world,
all smiles and scarlet lipstick for the boys,
so today I'll dress in red and make some noise.

We all have tales to tell of you,
that bring a sparkle to our tears,
like the time you thought 'Loose Chippings'
was a place,
or laughed so hard your teeth shot out your face,
and the stories that we told you,
you'd believe with eyes turned wide,
so today I'll dress in red and wave with pride.

I remember granite steps
and a brass all polished bright.
I remember seagull chatter
to your snoring through the night -
which you denied -
like the fact that you dyed your hair blonde,
or were ever beyond middle age.
No one could deny your natural smile,
so today I'll dress in red and dream awhile.

I think that I could swear
you had no foes in all the world,
that everyone who met you fell in love.
I'd say you were an angel from above,
but fear you'll party too hard,
for the heavenly horde and their guv.
Rest in Peace, my gorgeous Gran,
close your eyes, set down your head,
for today we say goodbye, all dressed in red.