You have reached the online home of Helen Johnson.  I am a poet/researcher available for research consultancy work, project evaluation, poetry performances, event organisation, public speaking, performance poetry workshops (adults and children), and Psychology tutoring.  To explore my various social scientific, educational and artistic dimensions please click on one of the tabs above.  Alternatively, for two-way interaction, please e-mail me.

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Photo by Bohdan Piasecki (2011)

I am a poet and an academic, which means that I not only live in an ivory tower, but can describe it, using vivid imagery and interesting metaphors...



  • In July and August 2016, I worked with a group of fantastic young spoken word artists in Montreal, using poetry to explore and elucidate our personal experiences of discrimination (and privilege).  This study is part of a broader performative social science project to develop ways in which social scientists and poets can work together to explore personal experiences of social scientific relevance.  The research was carried out in collaboration with Professor Claudia Mitchell (Head of McGill University's Participatory Cultures Lab), and was funded by an International Visiting Exchange Scheme grant from the National Centre for Research Methods and The University of Brighton's Research Development Fund.  The initial outputs from this research were a spoken word show ('The Struggle Is Real') and a chapbook ('You Kind of Have to Listen to Me') showcasing a series of poetic autoethnographes.  You can order the chapbook for £7 plus postage and packaging via e-mail.  You can read more about the discrimination pilot study here.
  • I will be talking about my arts-based research work at the University of Brighton on Monday 14th November.  The talk will discuss both my pilot study research using poetry to explore discrimination and the methodological approach which this exploratory research is helping to develop.  The talk is free and open to all.  I am also collating a list of participants who are interested in participating remotely (online).  For more about the talk, click here.  To register your interest in remote participation, please e-mail me. 
  • I will be facilitating a workshop on  collaborative arts-based research at the University of Brighton on Friday 6th January. The workshop will focus on my work collaborating with spoken word artists, and is aimed at social scientists, poets and members of community organisations who are interested in finding ways of working together.  It is free for everyone, though participants will need to sign up  in advance, as places are limited.  For more information, click here.  I am also looking into ways in which participants can take part in this workshop remotely.  If you're interested in this option, please e-mail me. 
  • The April 2016 edition of The Qualitative Report featured an article by me, exploring the lived experiences of people with dementia. You can read this online here.
  • In the spring of 2016, I said goodbye to Larmer Tree Festival, and joined the Elderflower Fields team to curate the new spoken word section of their programming.  This will feature poetry workshops for children and adult spoken word performances in the evenings.  You can find out more about this lovely family festival here.
  • In 2015 I changed my name from Helen Gregory to Helen Johnson.  You will see references to both names here - and elsewhere in my professional life. 


View Helen Gregory's profile on LinkedIn  or click here to download a PDF copy of my curriculum vitae.

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